Nothing being logged in production.log


I was debugging the problem of nothing being written in my production
logs (it works fine in development mode), although the application was
working fine. On investigating I found out that
Rails.logger.auto_flushing was being set to 1000 in production mode.

I upgraded from rails 3.0.3 to 3.0.7 thinking that it might be an
issue with that version, but the problem still persists. I have fixed
the problem temporarily by adding Rails.logger.auto_flushing =1 in my
environment file, but am not able to establish as to why is this
happening. Why is auto_flushing being set to 1000 in production mode?


Rails.logger.auto_flushing = 1 in production environment file is also
throwing an exception.

It seems that the logger is not being initialized, as Rails.logger is
being returned as nil, but on console it returns an
ActiveSupport::BufferedLogger object.
irb(main):001:0> Rails.logger
=> #<ActiveSupport::BufferedLogger:0xb6729640 @guard=#<Mutex:
0xb6715fa0>, @buffer={}, @auto_flushing=1000, @level=1, @log=#<File:/u/

Any thoughts......anything I might have messed up....???


What happens if you make a new app and run in production mode?

If that is ok then you could go back to earlier versions of your app
from your version control system and see at what point the log stopped

Alternatively, I believe the only differences between development and
production are in environments/development.rb and production.rb (plus
database.yml). Compare the two rb files and if nothing is obvious
change production.rb so that it becomes more like development.rb until
the logger starts working.


Thanks Colin for the help :slight_smile:

Figured it out, while trying random things. Probably was a permissions
issue and was resolved on changing the permissions from 644 to 666;
but interestingly no error was being thrown out that passenger was
unable to write to log file in the apache error logs.

Interestingly when I still try to inspect the logger on console the
auto_flushing is set to 1000 for production mode (1 for development
Loading production environment (Rails 3.0.7)
irb(main):001:0> Rails.logger
=> #<ActiveSupport::BufferedLogger:0xb667805c @guard=#<Mutex:
0xb66649a8>, @buffer={}, @auto_flushing=1000, @level=1, @log=#<File:/u/

But the good news is that the logs are working!