Not to use pagination?

I believe the authors point was not that pagination was bad, but the
built in pagination in rails was bad/hacky/expensive, and that you
should write your own instead of using the built in one (or something
along those lines). If you look at the top level of his blog you'll
find a respose to the feedback he got.

To quote:

"Pagination seems to be the issue we pulled apart today so let's talk
about that for a few minutes. I said some things about pagination that,
after returning to them, seem a bit cryptic. Sorry about that. Let me
clarify: the built in pagination helpers are a hackish pain. They're
hard to work with and have some efficiency issues. As a result, working
with very large data sets can cause it problems. Don't be afraid, just
be aware. With large data sets you'll want to roll your own. The
Paginator object itself isn't so bad (though we really should clean it
up) and I prefer to use custom pagination with it over the helpers.

That being said, we've talked about pulling out the Rails pagination
helpers into a plugin for a while. I imagine they were brought up when I
passed the article around was for that reason. It isn't deprecated yet,
but it probably will be."


Give paginating_find a try: