Not able to run Setup.rb and install Rails.

Please see the attached images.

I installed Ruby on a PC running Windows Server 2008 R2. I also installed Rails and it worked.

Now I am doing the same on another PC with same OS, but it giving error (see attached images).


Rohit - I'm pretty new to Ruby, but I installed on Windows using RAILSINSTALLER.ORG. Its pretty fast and easy...

I'm not sure the way you're trying to install rails, but in windows I've used this

and it worked (but now I'm on linux)

Javier Q

If you used RubyInstaller releases of Ruby:

These already include RubyGems.

The second error might be related to an old version of Ruby and RubyGems.

Since you don’t say what version of Ruby are you using (which you can obtain with “ruby -v”) I’m just guessing.

If you want to start with Rails on Windows it is recommended you use instead RailsInstaller as it contains everything ready to be used.


I am using the latest version.

Latest version of what? Since you have not quoted the previous message we do not know what you are referring to. Ruby, Rails, Rubygems, Railsinstaller, Windows, Ubuntu? With 'latest versions' it is always a good idea to give an actual version so that people finding the post in the future know which it is, but also how do you know that it is the latest version?

Remember this is a mailing list (though you may be accessing it via a forum like interface) so it is good practice to quote the previous message.