NoMethodError in UsersController#show

So I am getting the error

NoMethodError in UsersController#show error
undefined method `feed' for nil:NilClass

"commit"=>"Log in"}

Why is login being set to "session"? Instead of the real login?

This is my form:

    <div class="yui-g" >
        <% form_tag session_path do %>
            <p><label class="block" for="login">Login</label>
            <%= text_field_tag 'login' %></p>

            <p><label class="block" for="password">Password</label>
            <%= password_field_tag 'password' %></p>

            <!-- Comment this if you don't want this functionality -->
            <p><label for="remember_me">Remember me:</label>
            <%= check_box_tag 'remember_me' %></p>

            <p><%= submit_tag 'Log in', :class => "btn", :id =>
"login_btn" %> <%= link_to "Sign Up", new_user_path %></p>
        <% end %>

Here are the relevant controllers and models:
def show
    #@user = User.find(params[:id])
    @user = User.find_by_login(params[:login])
    #@feed_items = @user.feed
    @feed_items = @user.feed

Users Model:
def feed
    #Post.all(:conditions => ["user_id = ?", id])

Post Model (using SQLite3) :
named_scope :from_users_subscribed_by, lambda { |user|
subscribed_by(user) }


    # Return an SQL condition for users followed by the given user.
    # We include the user's own id as well.
    def self.subscribed_by(user)
      subscribed_ids = %(SELECT subscribed_id FROM subscriptions
WHERE subscriber_id = :user_id)
      { :conditions => ["user_id IN (#{subscribed_ids}) OR user_id =
                        { :user_id => user }] }

Ok, so I found the issue. The below resource in my routes is the issue.

map.profile_link '/:login', :controller => 'users', :action => 'show'

I used this to try and get Twitter-like urls so something like

So what was happening anything after was being set at the
:login so I am not sure how to get the Twitter-like urls plus have
things like or

Anyone have any clues?