no logs from mongrel on win2k

Hi All

I am running a mongrel on win2k and I don’t get any log output

I have tried to these two options

  1. Stream redirection using “mongrel_rails start -c C:/myspace/snapshot -p 4111 -t 70 -e production -P log/ > C:\temp\mongrel- 1.log”

The console print the output stream and the mongrel-1.log file shows no content except the content generated after I kill the server with Ctrl-C.

  1. win32 service “mongrel_rails service::install -N snapshot1 -c C:\myspace\snapshot -p 4111 -e production -t 70”. Now ofcourse the -l

(log_file) option can’t be used so where do I see the output/error logs??

I have checked log/mongrel.log and log/production.log? there is where mongrel should outputs its information. But it never does.

I only have log/production.log but that was created by rails script when the application root was created and log/production.log is 0KB after load testing mongrel for 1 hour.

The only logs I have are from rails logger in log/production_debug.log but these (are not mongrel’s) log and they donot capture any output generated by “puts, p or print” until and unless I go and change all my puts statement to logger.debug.

I am on Windows 2000 SP4.

please help