Logging on Rails 2.2 different than 2.0.2?


On my beginng app under 2.0.2 (ovre WinXP/SP3), all I wrote was logger.info "xxxx" and xxxx was displayed in the Command Window running Mongrel.

Now I've upgraded to 2.2.0 and log.info "xxxx" seems to do nothing. Did something change, or do you think I did some 'reguire' or set logger=something,or.other which I've forgotten about.

I Googled but found nothing worthwhile.

Any ideas?

Thanks in Advance, Richard


I finally realize the "logger.info" statements in my Rails 2.2.0 app are going to developer.log.

Is there something simple I can add to my current app or Rails version to get logger output to go to the Command Window running the Mongrel web server, as the version I developed under 2.0.2 did?

I recently saw some blogs suggesting the 2.2.0 might not yet be the "released version", though I doubt that because IMHO the gem installer wouldn't have included it among the available Rails versions. Maybe the articles I saw were outdated. True?

I found a great blog about switching between Rails versions and freezing them so old app versions can be tested with their original Rails environments: http://blog.fiveruns.com/2008/8/6/quickly-switching-between-different-rails-releases-with-git.

TIA, Richard

2.2.0 is 2.2RC1 (and 2.2.1 is the second release candidate) so those blogs are accurate in that neither of those versions are the final version of 2.2. You would only get those versions if you had added gems.rubyonrails.org to your list of gem sources.


Thanks, Fred, for that clarification.

And you are right about gems.rubyonrails.org. "gem sources" reports the I also have http://gems.rubyforge.org.

What do you recommend a senior app developer but a mid-level Rubyist and junior Railist should have?

Thanks, again, Richard

Depends, why not have both 2.1.2 and 2.2.1 in there so that you can work on what is going to be coming with 2.2.x? The final version should be coming pretty soon, and the more eyes looking at the current release candidate the better.

why not have both 2.1.2 and 2.2.1 in there

I'm doing that. I going to try to switch between Rails Gem versions for a given app just by changing RAILS_GEM_VERSION = 'x.x.x' in environment.rb and see if that does the job.

Best wishes, Richard