no action after running rails generate controller Sessions command

Hi, I am new to RoR and looking into this tutorial (Ruby on Rails Tutorial | Learn Enough to Be Dangerous) on implementing a sign-in page. When I run this command: "rails generate controller Sessions --no-test-framework" the rails program just gives me the command line arguments again. Thanks for any help!


What operating system are you using and which version of rails (use rails -v to check)?

Please copy/paste the command you type and the response so that we can see exactly what it says. Depending on your OS you may have to use ctrl shift C to copy from the terminal.


Hi Colin, thanks for your answer. It is Rails Version 4.0.2. The command is the one above the output are rails usage options: "Usage:   rails new APP_PATH [options] ..."


I removed Ruby and then reinstalled Rails and then got Rails version 3.2.16. but the same behavior when running the command.

Please quote the previous message when replying so that it is easier to follow the thread. If you look at my question you will see that I asked you to copy/paste the complete terminal display, including the command you typed. Please do that (don't re-type it, copy/paste is the only way we can check for typos). No need to copy after the "Usage" line however.

Make sure you are in the top level folder of the application you have already created when you do that.

Also please copy/paste the command and the result of rails -v.

Also you have not told us which operating system you are using. We cannot easily help if you do not answer questions.

When replying insert your answers after each of my questions, then you will not forget to answer one of them. Thanks


I am running on Ubuntu. I think I am missing some code as I am running this command in an empty directory. The book says to check out some code ("git checkout master" and "git checkout -b sign-up") but I did not find the URLs for these .. do I need them in order to run the "generate controller" command?


Yes, you are missing the rails application. You should have got to this chapter via the preceding chapters. You can't just jump into the middle of the tutorial, you must start from the beginning.