Newly created app just renders 500.html not showing any errors

Hi *,

I have a really strange problem with a newly created rails 7 app. I added just one single route so far, but every request leads to /public/500.html not showing any error in the logs/console.

I already tried dropping out web_console, and explicitly set config.log_level = :debug and config.action_dispatch.show_exceptions = :all within application.rb. Files from /public are being served correctly so far, but noting else.

That’s everything the log says:

web-1  | => Booting Puma
web-1  | => Rails application starting in development 
web-1  | => Run `bin/rails server --help` for more startup options
web-1  | Puma starting in single mode...
web-1  | * Puma version: 6.4.2 (jruby - ruby 3.1.4) ("The Eagle of Durango")
web-1  | *  Min threads: 1
web-1  | *  Max threads: 1
web-1  | *  Environment: development
web-1  | *          PID: 1
web-1  | * Listening on
web-1  | Use Ctrl-C to stop
web-1  | Started GET "/" for at 2024-04-29 14:23:54 +0000
web-1  | Started GET "/home" for at 2024-04-29 14:23:58 +0000
web-1  | Started GET "/not-a-route" for at 2024-04-29 14:24:01 +0000

Rails: Ruby: ruby 3.1.4p0 (jruby

Applikation had been created with

rails new lsv -d jdbcpostgresql --skip-action-mailer --skip-action-mailbox --skip-action-text --skip-active-job --skip-active-storage --skip-action-cable --asset-pipeline=sprockets --skip-javascript --skip-hotwire --skip-test --skip-system-test --css=sass --skip-decrypted-diffs

Any ideas?

Hi :slight_smile:

How does your routes.rb file look like? What urls give you the errors?

You’re looking at log/development.log too right? Sanity-check things by opening the rails console and querying your database.

My guess is that you have a syntax error in your code or your JDBC connection is failing.

Did you solve this? I’m having the same issue after updating to from