Newbie Question - Ruby terminal emulator for windows

I am new to ruby and rails, and am using the windows “cmd” terminal emulator. It is all black and white. I like the colored terminal I see in peepcode videos and the like.
Are there any terminal emulators for vista that will give me those type of colored results?
Alternatively, and preferably, is there a terminal emulator for RadRails yet? After 2 hours of searching, I have learned a ton of stuff, but don’t have a good windows terminal emulator yet.
Help! Mark

I’d like to know the answer to this myself, but until you get an authoritative answer–have you tried the cygwin bash prompt? That probably responds to the ANSI color escapes that you need to do color right (tho I confess a quick ‘script/console’ on my XP machine here did not make w/the colors :frowning:

I believe ms’ powershell has facilities for coloring output, but doesn’t (shocker!) use the ANSI escapes…