Newbie question on relationships and displaying them


    I'm just starting out with Ruby on Rails, so forgive me since this
is probably so easy.

    I have two databases. The first one has the following columns...

table: division
pk_division_id (primary key)
name (string)

    The other database has...

table: incidents
...different rows....
division_id (integer)

    I was able to modify the _form.rhtml file so that it displays the in a drop down box, and then takes the pk_division_id
number and fills it into the division_id column in the incidents table.
Now what I would like to do is in the "Listing" screen for listing all
the incidents, I want to be able to show the name from the division
table which relates to the division_id in the incidents table....if
that makes sense.

Any help is appreciated!!!