New to RoR: Need some assistance displaying data from multiple tables.

Thanks, Thomas. I didn’t know about the additional switches on the relationships. Now that I have the relationship formed I still don’t understand what I need to use to extract it from the joined tables. Here is a better idea of what I have:

User Model

has_many :task, :through => :task_owner

has_many :task_owner

Task Owner Model

belongs_to :task

belongs_to :user

Task Model:

has_many :task_owner, dependent: :destroy

So that should take care of my relationships in the models. So I created a Home controller with the following code:

def index

@mytasks = TaskOwner.where( :user_id => session[:user_id] )


And on the index page I loop the results:

<% @mytasks.each do | mytasks | %>

<%= mytasks.task_id %>

<% end %>

The output will show me the task_id of the tasks belonging to the user that is logged in, but if I change it to something like mytasks.title I get the following error:

undefined method `title' for #<TaskOwner:0xb28011c>

So I guess I don’t understand how display the contents still.