[Newbie question] How does map.root?

Hello, I am very ill and I don't remember how does map.root.

I have this in the routes.rb:

<ruby code>
ActionController::Routing::Routes.draw do |map|
  map.signup 'signup', :controller => 'users', :action => 'new'
  map.logout 'logout', :controller => 'sessions', :action => 'destroy'
  map.login 'login', :controller => 'sessions', :action => 'new'
  map.resources :sessions

  map.resources :users

  map.connect ':controller/:action/:id'
  map.connect ':controller/:action/:id.:format'

  map.root :controller => 'index', :action => 'index'

</ruby code>

And the controller is app/controllers/index.rb and it have the class
Index and the def Index. This is the code:

<ruby code>
class Index < ActiveRecord::Base
  def Index

</ruby code>

If I put this in my rails project, say me this the localhost:

We're sorry, but something went wrong.

We've been notified about this issue and we'll take a look at it

Can someone explain me how does the map.root?

Thanks for your attention.


I don't think this has anything to do with map.root - your controller
should be called IndexController, it should be in index_controller.rb
and it shouldn't be inheriting from ActiveRecord::Base. Also, method
names should begin with a lowercase character.