Newbie Qs. Why use Ruby? Why use Rails?

Yes, These are Newbie Qs.
Why use Ruby?
Why use Rails?

Foremost I use both because they work well and get the job done with
less effort than the alternatives I have used.
The buzz suggests that I am not alone in that opinion so there is a
broader base of experience also making that choice.

I personally like Ruby a lot (being an old Smalltalk guy). And Rails
is very well designed from what I have seen so far. There is a
learning curve as with any tool. Both ruby and rails have a definite
view of the world that is not exactly the same as anything else.
Unlike many frameworks in Rails SQL != BAD. Rails provides a thin
layer above SQL to make common operations easy, but makes no attempt
to hide from SQL. The duck typing of Ruby makes all this much easier
to work with than a system like Java where all the details must be
worked out in advance and the slightest deviation makes two objects
incompatible with each other.


Here is a presentation I did on this subject...