Why should I use Ruby on Rails

Darek Blankenbuhler wrote:

My question is what benefits will I get out of rails? My other choice
is PHP, basically I want to know WHY I should choose Ruby on Rails over
PHP. Sorry I do not have time to do the research on my own.

(Parenthetically, thinking you don't have time is a "belief structure"
thing. If you instead believe you have time to research, answers will
then fall into your lap more easily.)

The reason Ruby on Rails is very useful is simple. The web was
invented with klutzy languages that put the needs of the language
designer above those of the programmer. Writing a </tag> for every
danged <tag> is just silly, but we are so familiar with that
convention we no longer question it.

Next, all the web languages were invented without bothering to apply
state-of-the-art object oriented design techniques. Getting to market,
and competing by cool features, was more important than all that

Ruby is the complete opposite. It was designed from scratch to be as
programmer-friendly as possible, and to use industrial-strength OO
design concepts. So when Ruby wraps webby things, it typically makes
them much more elegant.