Newbie Moving on to Rails

Hello everyone, Currently i have been in the process of learning ruby for about 6 months, so far so good =). Now, the project i have been working on, is pretty much done, unfortunately there is no user interface for "end users" to work with it. Right away i thought about Rails, so for the last week i have been reading about the technology, the model and the approach itself, but i haven't been able to answer the following question completely. What will be the effort of moving my current classes onto Rails? in order to adapt my current code to the MVC pattern. I have seen examples on the tutorials where it shows how tight is the relationship between the classes and the model, which is definitely a huge advantage, but i still can't get it right. My question might sound a bit redundant but it will be very helpful if somebody can give me some hints on how to get used to the framework (Rails).

Cheers, guillermo.

I don't see how anyone who does not know your existing code can answer the question as to how much effort would be involved. If you have good Object Oriented Design and for any database tables have a matching class and if you have the freedom to adjust the table structures to match the rails conventions (not essential but it makes life much easier) then it should not be too difficult.

My suggestion to answer your final question (hints on how to get used to the framework) would be to install Rails and work through some tutorials so that you see how the framework functions in practice. Then you should be able to answer the question yourself. In particular you could try writing just a small part of your total requirement and see how it goes.