Newbea MVC question ??

Ibrahim Dogru wrote:

Hi RoR Developers,

I'm quite new to MVC model , I have some pretty basic questions that I hope some of you can answer. I have two controllers and one view page like below, I want to call variables from report_controller in view page. in fact view page for sheet_controller and I m wondering if there is a way to reach that variables from report_controller in the view page of sheet. another question is also quite same. how can I call the variable from report_controller, in sheet_controller.

   there is a "project" folder in controller   2 controller(Sheet_controller, report_controller) and   1 views - for sheet_controller


Controller methods automatically pass their instance variables to their respective views that they are rendering..

For example, if you have the controller method def new   @car = end

in your new.html.erb view, you will have access to this instance variable... <%= %>

As for your other questions, A controller doesn't access variables from another controller..

The abbreviated process in a nutshell is this, A request comes in routing dispatches the request to a controller (to you, this controller is brand smacking new)

The controller is responsible for pulling up any models it needs, figuring out what view should be displayed and preparing the data to be consumed by the view..

The models can only see into other models (and the db), they don't deal with any strings, controller state, or views

Views interact with models but don't know anything about controllers or any business logic at all, all their code is primarily for displaying data

Controllers can forward requests to other controllers or back to themselves, but other than redirecting, they have no other business with other controllers.

I hope this gave you a birds eye view. May I suggest you pick up a good RoR book to get you more familiar with MVC.


Thank you ilan,