does a partial have access to all the variables of the calling controller

hey there,

i have a group_controller

in there is an action called run_reports
in the _run_reports.rhml view, i call two partials that are also in the
do those partials have access to the varibles declared in the
run_reports action?
if so, this would save me a lot of repeated code,
if so, how do i do it ? make them @class variables ?


Hi nephish

Partials are just part of a view and you have access in any view to all the
instance variables (e.g., @anything) in the controller action that called
the view.


See the API documentation for the render() method:

Check out the section called "Rendering partials". You'll see that you
can pass variables from the calling scope into the partial as local
variables in its scope, using the :partials option.


cool, thanks very much !