New TurnKey appliance for Ruby on Rails 2.3.2

TurnKey Linux has released a new Ruby on Rails Appliance. The new appliance features an upgrade to Rails 2.3.2, upgraded Gems components, an important bug fix and significant security enhancements (regeneration of database password on installation):

About TurnKey Ruby on Rails

TurnKey Rails Appliance is an extremely easy way to get up and running with Rails in just a couple of minutes.

It's a free, pre-integrated turnkey server which is packaged as a single universal image capable of supporting installations on both physical and virtual machines, including VMware, Xen, VirtualBox, and KVM.

About TurnKey Linux

The largest Linux distributions have over 23,000 packages which are free for both commercial and non-commercial uses, including updates. However, currently it can still take considerable skill and effort to cherry-pick the right components and glue them together into a compelling solution.

To help unlock this potential we started TurnKey Linux, a community- oriented open source project developing a family of free, Ubuntu-based software appliances optimized for ease of use in server-type usage scenarios.

To maximize leverage and provide a consistent user experience, TurnKey Linux appliances are all built on top of TurnKey Core, a 100MB base appliance, from which they inherit the standard features which are common to all TurnKey appliances.