New temp files for sqlite3 (shm, wal)?

What should I do with these new (as of 9/25/2023) files: [db/test.sqlite3-shm, db/test.sqlite3-wal]? Looked around and did not see any ruby/rails specific information. Thanks

LMGTFY sqlite shm and wal files - Google Search

It’s the “write-ahead log” and a shared “memory” wal-index buffer for multiple client accesses.

The shm file can be ignored, and if the process shuts down cleanly it should sync the wal back to the db and clean it up.

Something changed on 9/25/2023 that started leaving these 2 files after upgrading and running the tests. I will research to see more about “the process shuts down cleanly” part. Thanks for your reply.

Performance tune the SQLite3 adapter connection configuration by fractaledmind · Pull Request #49349 · rails/rails · GitHub changed some sqlite3 adapter configurations that creates -shm and -wal files.