New site to compare Rails hosting companies

Nick Snels wrote:


I need the help of the Rails community. I have just launched a new
website to compare and review Ruby on Rails hosting companies, This site is created out of pure
frustation. I have literally spend days searching and comparing possible
hosting companies to host my Rails projects. It is really hard to find
good information about the various hosting companies. And even more so
on their capabilities of hosting Rails.

It is impossible for me to test them all. So I need your help! Do you
know a good Rails hosting company, please suggest it at the site. I have
already added some fine Ruby on Rails hosting companies, so you get an
idea of the end product. If you have an opinion about the companies that
are already added, please post your review. And help to make it a little
easier for others to choose a good Rails hosting company.

All help and comments are welcome. Thanks.

Kind regards,


Good idea, signed up and suggested one already.
Would be nice to sort on attributes, i.e. disk space/bandwidth/cost etc., rather than just price.