New Rails 7 app w/Bootstrap gives "Can't find stylesheet to import."

I’m creating a new Rails 7 (7.0.4) app with Bootstrap like this:

rails new mynewapp -c bootstrap

And I get this:

Error: Can't find stylesheet to import.
1 │ @import 'bootstrap/scss/bootstrap';
  │         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  app/assets/stylesheets/application.bootstrap.scss 1:9  root stylesheet

Is there something obvious I’m missing here? Is this intended to work “out of the box”?

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Are you running with rails s? Try switching to ./bin/dev. If I’m not mistaking that option will install bootstrap in a way that requires a yarn process that watches and updates the files.

I’ve tried both options for running it with the same result.

Thing is that I get that message upon creation of the new app (as well as at runtime).

Check Ruby versions, Rails versions, node versions. Look at your Gemfile.

This is off the top of my head. But I just ran this (although I may have some .railsrc) and need to check further. But localhost puts up a page

Are you starting your dev server with rails s or bin/dev?


This should work out-of-the-box. I ran exactly the same command and could start my rails app locally.

I’m running Ruby 3.1.2.

Did you try: rails g newapp --css=bootstrap --javascript=esbuild

And you might check your YARN configuration as that’s the one responsible for fetching Bootstrap.

Yeah, I’ve tried:

rails new newapp --css=bootstrap --javascript=esbuild

I have also run using both:

rails s



And get the same issue. NOTE: This error does not display on the default root page, but in any custom pages I create.

Here are the versions I am running:

  • Ruby 3.0.0
  • Rails 7.0.4
  • Node 16.15.1
  • Yarn 3.2.1

I should note that I am able to run the app (though this error message also shows in the browser).

I have a new MacBook coming this week. Perhaps I will have a pristine environment to try.

Can you share your .yarnrc.yml file? I had the same issue when using the Yarn Plug’n’Play feature ( I fixed the problem by going back to node-modules. Add nodeLinker: node-modules to your .yarnrc.yml file.

Have you tried yet

rails new quote-editor --css=sass

In my case, I had to install the appropriate requirements before running the rails new command.

It needs:

  • nodejs (apt install nodejs may install version 12 that is too old !)
  • npx
  • yarn

Here is a link to new rails app using Bootsrap and Postgresql: Constantin De La Roche / app-bootsrap · GitLab - look at the that contains the instructions to generate your own new app.

I’ve had cases where I had to change that line to `@import ‘bootstrap/scss/bootstrap.scss’;