New Project ... Question re: Diving into RoR or Staying with CFML

Hi -

I've done well building web-based applications with Cold Fusion as my
app-server of choice for the past 8 years (have mainly used MSSQL as
db, but have switched to MySQL). I have a new project that I'm
planning to program with CFusion, though I'm considering RoR as I want
to add another "tool to my belt", so to speak - and RoR looks quite
impressive. Some of the core admin-side functionality will include
uploading pictures & audio that are named in accordance with the
individual person's record & some layouts so the content is layed out
in 1 of 3 formats (administrator's choice). On the client-side, the
pictures & audio will play when logged on as the specified person.
(Their's a lot more such as email, user management & authentication, &
standard reports). Can this type of application be programmed
relatively easy & fast by someone with programming experience in
another language, but only a cursory view / minimal testing of Ruby &
the RoR framework? (I've recently bought "Agile Web Development with
Rails, v2", "Rails Recipes", and "Ruby for Rails" but time ... not
been my friend w/regard to sitting down & digging into the books, and
have considered subscribing to the RoR Screencasts too (most of my
testing with RoR has been with simple app tutorials obtained from the

Thoughts or advise?