new method to controller being recognized as parameter instead

I'm trying to add original method "search" to the scaffolded
controller. All the default standard methods in the controller (i.e.
index, show, new, etc..). However, additional method "seach" is not
recognized as method, and rather rails take the request as parameter
with the following error message.


ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound in ProductsController#show
Couldn't find Product with ID=search

Changes I have made so far are:

     map.search_product '/products/search', :controller =>
'products', :action => 'search'

Am I missing any setups?


Thanks a lot for help!

I just added the route setting in the order you suggested. It indeed worked!!

map.resource :products has been added by scaffolding at nearly beginning of the routes.rb, and I kept adding my own setting after those without much thinking… thanks for advice!