New logo for Ruby On Rails ?

What do you think guys ??? i think the Shiny Door is (sorry for the modesty) a great finding because soooo true.

The old logo is pretty cool, but missing logo buttons and other things.

Dne neděle, 31. srpna 2014 3:01:38 UTC+2 Designby Lefty napsal(a):

Personally, I think this is the coolest looking one. If they edited it to have the text, it would be perfect!

I think it reminds me of stained glassed windows in churches! :slight_smile:

Yes there is something like that. Again it’s difficult to say because i did this, but i love the idea of the shiny, diamond door.To me it means that Rails is a door to Marvels. I’m learning Rails since the 1.6-1.8 and i love so much what it’s become for medium, big internet tools. For small sites, in one language, Rails still to heavy, there is too much things to do - my thinking - to think before you can publish. I hate PHP from the start (i was a Coldfusion dev) but for small sites, with small database and if you use i.e. Dreamweaver that can write some PHP and connect to the DB, Rails is no match - unfortunately i think. But when you have a good knowledge of rails multiplied by Javascript,it’s a dream come true, and with the compilation process you can somehow protect your JS innovation/R&D. So yes, for me there is something in common with a church and Rails

Warmest Regards

Oh Yeah, This one is good !!