New contributor


My name is Shekhar. I am new here and want to contribute .How can I get started?

I want to fix some easy issues in Is there any debugger for rails , that you use to fix the issue(or to understand the issue) ?

I want to know how people approach the issue.

Any type of help will be appreciated.



Hello Shekhar, I suggest you to read this guide to get started:

Thanks I have read these links but still getting problem in debugging and fixing issues. Actually I want to see the variables values during the execution so that I can find the error lines ( something like we do in python debugger: PuDB).
I will try again.

Thanks for the help.

Hi Shekhar!

How are you doing with the debugging? I’m also new to Rails and wanting to contribute.

I’m trying to send emails for the first time with ActionMailer. It’s not sending and not logging any errors too…and I wanted to try to improve this.