New cms that integrates into git workflow: merged

Hi all, again i had to do some quite content heavy sites, which always raises the question of how to let non-developers edit the content. I’ve always found the whole database and production based approach as overkill for your average rails project.

So then i coded a simple CMS, and am introducing it here (sort of shyly, as the millionth cms)

Key feature:

  • data is stored in yaml files. The cms is basically a yaml editor for non-devs
  • thus content propagates with other changes in/through git
  • there is a small image editor (images land in assets folder)
  • simple page/section/card structure with options (all stored in yaml)
  • fully configurable templates for sections and cards (as normal erb/haml files)

Editing happens on an intranet. Changes go into git (merged commits and pushes), and from there into production through whatever process you see fit (ie directly, reviewed, staged…)

Since i am the only user (with 3 production sites) it may be a little rough around the edges, but one can try it out here GitHub - FeenixMakers/merged: Filebased cms that integrates into rails workflow

Feedback and contributions welcome


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