Nesting View Folders

I like to nest my view folders the same way as my resources.

So, if I have:

map.resources :foos do |foos|   foos.resources :bars end map.resources :sums

Then I'll structure my view folders like:

views/    foos/       bars/    sum/

To make this work, I need a tiny little extra line of code in the nested controller to tell rails where to look for the templates. Specifically:

prepend_view_path "app/views/foos"

Just curious about people's views on this. Any feedback/criticisms on this method?


~ Mark

It's an aesthetic decision, so...y'know, do what you want, but it's not necessary since you're introducing complexity in having to maintain a bunch of of prepend_view_path lines everywhere.

Not to mention the confusion when you start nesting a resource under more than one parent; eg, you have foos/1/bars and woots/1/bars.

--Matt Jones