Nested resources and _path methods

Hi guys,

I was thinking aboiut this for a while:

If I have nested resource routes, for example /building/1/floor/2/ room/ 3 (building has_many floors and so on), I have to call the room_path method like this:

room_path @room.floor.building, @room.floor, @room

Isn´t there a better way to handle nested routes with foreign keys, or can I have this method overwritten somewhere?

Greets Jonas

Oh, of course, you´re right.

But what I meant is, that you have to specify every single item in the path of the url. I think that in 80% of the use cases, nested resources are used to indicate parenting in a tree-like data scheme. Perhaps there could be a new option in the map.resource method that could specify the foreign key to be used when generating a path or url, so you just have to write


and the values for building_id and floor_id would be automatically guessed out of the context.

Greets Jonas