Nesting elements inside a generate <a> tag through link_to

Hi all, I've just recently started developing on Rails, just this

I have a simple question that I can't find the answer to elsewhere;

I'm using the link_to_remote directive which generates an anchor tag.
I'd like to have A whole div section nested within the generated
anchor tag so that the whole div is clickable rather than just the
text in the button.

This is how it looks now:

<div class="button">
    <%= link_to_remote 'Add',
    :url => { :action => 'add', :id => section },
    :update => 'section_wrapper'%>

I'd like to get a link to the appropriate action nesting <div

Any help is appreciated

i don't know exactly what you want, but shouldn't you set the a-tag
there to display: block with css?