Nested/not-nested resources

Hi all,

Suppose I've got two resources: "customers" and "bills". Each "bill" belongs to a "customer". It seems clear to me that the routes.rb must contain something like this:

map.resources :customers do |customer|   customer.resources :bills end

So, I could get all the bills for a customer with this URI: '/ customers/3/bills'

But what if I wanna get ALL the bills (for all customers) using something like: '/bills'?

I guess I've got two options:

a) Add "map.resources :bills" to the routes.rb file and, in BillsController, check for a customer_id parameter (if it's not set, I'd list all the bills). b) Add a new controller "all_bills" that I could use only for listing ALL the bills (and maybe adding, editing or destroying bills out of the customer context).

What's the "Rails-way"? Any other idea?

Thank you very much in advance.

Thank you. I suppose that it's the logical way.

You could use named route as well. Declaring map.resources :bills gives you too many methods that you don’t need.