Nested Models & Error Validation

I have two models: User and MemberProfile

class MemberProfile < ActiveRecord::Base   belongs_to :user   validates_presence_of :name #... end

class User < ActiveRecord::Base   has_one :member_profile   validates_presence_of :email   accepts_nested_attributes_for :member_profile   #... end

My view looks like:

<%= error_messages_for :user %> <% form_for :user, :url => users_path do |f| %> <p><%= f.label :email %> <%= f.text_field :email %></p> <% f.fields_for :member_profile do |mp| %> <p><%= mp.label :name %> <%= mp.text_field :name %> </p>

<% end %> <% end %>

The error validations are working correctly. It is checking for both email and name on both objects. The error list is correctly populating the error_messages_for call. The two problems I'm having are: 1. I'd like the errors for the MemberProfile object to be displayed as "Name can't be..." instead of "Member profile name can't be..." in div#errorExplanation 2. The MemberProfile fields are not receiving the div.fieldWithErrors

Is there a way to deal with these two issues?