Needed: Designer comfortable with Rails

I'm a designer and Rails developer, I'm looking for a designer who's
comfortable working with Ruby on Rails projects to make changes for one
of my existing clients (based in Oxford). The site is running on a
bespoke CMS -- similar to Radiant CMS.

I'm currently engaged in a big 6 month project, so I'll be needing
somebody who I can refer my other clients to who also need work done in
that period. So it might be a good opener for further work.

Let me know if you'd be interested, or if you could recommend anyone?

Many thanks,
~ Mark Dodwell

Hi Mark,

I saw you message and had a look at your website... looks like you do
some work.

I have several years experience working with Ruby on Rails on various
projects and though my skills may be of use to you. To tell you a
little about myself, I'm a Web Designer based in Glasgow and have over
6 years industry experience having been the Senior Web Designer for my
previous company before going freelance early this year. During that
time I worked on a range of web projects, and was responsible for
project management, scoping and specifications, liaising closely with
our Rails developer, designing, building standards compliant HTML and
CSS sites, integrating the HTML and CSS into the Rails environment and

If you'd like to see some of my work, please take a look at my website or if you have any questions or want
to chat, my contact details are on there too.

Many thanks,

Andy Simpson

Thanks Andy -- have replied via email.