Need to move my app from heroku to aws

Well, heroku is not offering a free hosting option any longer so I am in the process of moving over to aws. I’m not sure what is all involved, I just spun up an ubuntu virtual server on it, then installed rbenv and ruby & rails. cloned my code to the unit using git, and also spun up a rds postgres machine

can anyone point me to a tutorial?

there’s a few guides.

Your app (often) stops being a twelve factor app afterwards, so actually please don’t move to aws :slight_smile:

I moved a production app from Heroku to AWS. Had to learn everything from scratch. Built a project and tutorials and made available here: GitHub - FestaLab/railway: Deploy Rails to AWS.

But frankly? Unless you are interested in devops, just switch to or render. I’ve seem official guides on how to much, and the experience is similar. Going AWS is HARD (and I’m saying this as someone who made the move and uses ansible to automate everything)

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Take a look at Render too.

Elastic Beanstalk is the Heroku equivalent in AWS, not spinning up your own EC2 instance. Dunno if there’s any free option on AWS

@brenogazzola nice repo, def will bookmark that for future reference

I second that. I’m not into devops. In the past week I moved two small apps over to Got some help on the discussion group. And they have several tutorials on moving.

Kind of… Elastic Beanstalk is the equivalent of Heroku’s web tier, Code Commit is Amazon’s git service from which automatic deployment to EBS is possible. RDS roughly corresponds to Heroku’s postgresql instance – actually, Heroku’s PostgreSQL is just a pretty interface around RDS Postgres.

I got some of it moved to aws, still have to figure out a few things… like what I should be doing with my postgres database, redis, and enabling https, getting a domain name, etc… (maybe hire a designer)


And trying to figure out how to start and run a business online. ( I definitely need help with that)

a lot of things broke because of configuration… (pointing to heroku subdomain i guess)

i’ll have to fix… omniauth facebook omniauth google google recaptcha elasticsearch sendgrid redis?

if you have a new account there is a free tier available for most of the services.

If you’re trying to start and run a business online, and the app you’re trying to move to AWS is for your business, I would highly recommend staying with Heroku, or a similar service that takes care of all the devops for you.

Think about how much your time is worth, and if you’re really saving money by spending extra time fiddling with tools instead of activities that will grow your business. Work that feels like work, but isn’t actually creating value for you or your customers, is almost always a distraction.

Also, Heroku is introducing new low-cost plans: Introducing Our New Low-Cost Plans | Heroku

Thanks. I took my website offline on heroku and aws. I don’t have anything to sell.