Need the activerecord-sqlserver-adapter but...

Hi... I am new to RoR development, and Web development in general (but
have about 25 years of IT/software experience - just not in the Web
area)... I have a really good RoR 2.X book that I have read and reread a
few times and starting to try to apply what I read... Have a Web app
that I need to write at work, and prove to folks that RoR is THE_WAY,
despite their ASP .NET protests otherwise...

So, we have a Microsoft environment and we are using MS SQL Server...

I need the activerecord-sqlserver-adapter file(s) but we don't have
Internet connectivity in the development environment, so I can't use
gems to download/install it the easy way... how do I go about finding
it/downloading it/installing it... I have already downloaded and
installed the other necessary ingredients (InstantRails 2.X, dbi and the
ADO file)...

thanks TONs in advance for your assistance!!,

It really sucks. Download it and install it.

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