Need some help understanding partials, versus authentication..


I am using Rick Olson's restful_authentication plugin, using
activefx's great tutorial (
id=14216) which works well but I am trying to understand how to use
partial to modify the workings a bit.

What I want to do is rather than have the user click on a link to get
to a logjn screen, have the username/password/submit form/controls to
be on the home page.

What I did was break the login form out into a partial "/app/views/
session/_login_form.html.erb) like so:

<% form_tag session_path do %>
  <div id="UserInfoBox">
    <% if logged_in? %>
      Logged in as:
      <%= link_to h(current_user.login.capitalize),
user_path(current_user) %>
      <%= link_to 'Edit Profile', edit_user_path(current_user) %>
      <%= link_to 'Change Password', change_password_path %> &nbsp;
      <%= link_to 'Log Out', logout_url %>
    <% else %>
      <label for="login">Username</label>
      <%= text_field_tag 'login' %>
      <label for="password">Password</label>
      <%= password_field_tag 'password' %> &nbsp;
      <%= submit_tag 'Log in' %>
      <label for="remember_me">Remember me:</label>
      <%= check_box_tag 'remember_me' %>
      <span class="userinfobox-links">
        &nbsp <%= link_to 'Sign Up', new_user_path %>
        &nbsp; &nbsp; <%= link_to 'Forgot Password?',
forgot_password_path %>
    <% end %>
  <% end %>

I'm using an application template to allow me to have a common style,
etc for all my pages; the conditional code here shows the login form
items if you're not logged in; if you are logged in it shows your user
name a a couple of links to edit your profit, change your password,
etc. It's in controllers/views/layout/application.html.erb .

On this common template, I call the partial like this:

        <%= render :partial => "/sessions/login_form", :locals
=>{:login => "login", :password =>"password" } %>

Everything shows up ok, but when I click the login button, I get sent
to the old login template (i.e., the one you'd get to if you went to
http://localhost:3001/session/new ) which of course, since I am using
am app template, shows up on the body area of the template.. and the
user isn't logged in.

Is there something basic I am not getting about how to use a partial
to get a user logged in this way..?

Any advice would be appreciated!