Need help with starting the server please

Hello, i got the missing sqlite3.dll error, i fixed it with
downloading and placing both the .dll and the .exe in system32 and
Ruby192\bin but now i get the error "The procedure entry point
sqlite3_backup_finish could not be loacated in the dynamic link
library Sqlite3.dll"

I want to run it on windows xp. Please help me out.. googled the
problem and nothing seemed to work..

You have to place def file in the system32 folder and also all of them
shoud be of the same version..
go here:

Scroll down to the Precompiled Binaries for Windows section and
download the 1st and 3rd downloads - this will give you the three
Then unzip them into c:\ruby\bin

Also make sure you REMOVE any versions from c:\windows\system32