need help with rails 4 nested routes


i want to accomplish this:


forms/:id/list (action list)

forms/:id/card/:x (action showcard)

resources :forms do

get ‘list’, :action => ‘list’ #<< ok

get ‘card/:x’ , :action=> ‘showcard’ #, :as => ‘card’ <<crash no method defined…


and how would my link_to path look like? im going in circles. thx


Some questions came up to my mind when looking at your routes.

  • Do you really need a list action? Doesn’t index action fill your needs?
  • Card seems to be another entitity. If It is true it would be better to use nested routes.
    Using nested routes is easy:

resources :forms do

resources :cards, only: [:show] # if you need just show action :slight_smile:


Checkout the docs for nested resources and here you can look for how to use link_to and nested routes :slight_smile:

I’m sorry if I went in the wrong direction.