Need Help on How to provide a Start and Stop Date range Dynamically to my ActiveRecord Find?

I'd like to have my index page present the user with a Form for
selecting a Date range

Start 2008-06-19 End: 2008-06-29 and then pass this information into
my ActiveRecord Find

I'm working with a legacy DB and with the help of the list Im able to
do all my queries and understand what's going on but I'm having
trouble figuring out the method to pass my gathered Date Range search
to my Find.

I'm assuming I would want to use form tag and present this from the
index page and results to the index page as well?

My Current Static Find:
@reports = Report.find(:all, :conditions => "expiration_date between
'2008-06-19' and '2008-06-29'", :order => 'expiration_date DESC')

Still just a newb but the power of ActiveRecord is fantastic.



On your homepage build a form with two date_select fields in it, one
called start_date and one called end_date. Then, in your controller
action, you do

@reports = Report.find(:all, :conditions => {:expiration_date =>

ActiveRecord will automatically build the date range in the select
statement based on your particular database adapter.

scottc12 wrote:

Thanks Brent,
I was thinking I needed to build things in reports/index and then
have them display in show which from my reading is for single returned
ID. Your saying I can just add this to my homepage and then render. I
assume I could also make this a single page with inline results using


From a usability point of view I'd put the search form on the index page
and all other pages in the controller. That's up to you and your app
design though. You're right that the show action should only be used
for displaying single records, if your app is sticking to the RESTful
conventions. That's not always appropriate, though, so it's up to you.

I tend to overload my index action to handle filtering: the view code
for a search result is 99.9% the same as for a straight index -- the
only difference is the line that generates the collection for display
(and visual confirmation for the user that they're looking at a subset).
For maximum DRYness I just check at the top of my index action if I'm
running a search or not:

def index
  if params[:search_param]
    conditions = whatever
  @reports = Report.find(:all, :conditions => conditions)

Doing the same thing w/ ajax is near trivial: you just need an RJS
template to render the response.


scottc12 wrote:

Thanks so much. I took your advice and created a new controller and
have things successfully posting params. I should have started with a
ROR complaint DB instead of working with a Legacy DB for my first
"real" project. In any case I'm progressing and although its messy at
the moment I'm functional. I'm going to spend the day soaking up
ActiveRecord and cleaning up controllers and models.

Thanks again.