Need help in Ajax Pagination

hi All,

i wants to implement ajax pagination but i am facing a lot of problem , i found i lots of links on google but their is no explanation like what object we have to pass and condition can any body help me out in this concern pls i need your help as soon as possible

thanks sachin

R U using will_paginate?

Sijo Kg wrote:

R U using will_paginate?

Hi, I am using normal pagination code in controller as

@photo_pages ,@photos = paginate_collection @profile_user,:per_page => 16,:page => @params[:page]

and in view using the code above specified.

Regards, kiran

Hi    Add the following code to view_helpers.rb .The file is in vendor/plugins/will_paginate/lib/will_paginate

   def page_link_or_span(page, span_class = 'current', text = nil)     text ||= page.to_s     if page and page != current_page       if update = @options[:update]         @template.link_to_remote text, :update => update, :url => url_options(page)       else         @template.link_to text, url_options(page)       end     else      @template.content_tag :span, text, :class => span_class    end

   Then for ajax pagination in view do like <%= will_paginate @thecollectionyouwanttopaginate, :update=>'div', :params=>{:controller=>'controller_name',:action=>'action_name',:any_additional_parameters=>@any_additional_parameters}, :container => false %>

    And for normal pagination do what you are currenly doing