Naval Marine Corps Internet - Blocked


Someone suggested I post this question here in the #rubyonrails
channel on freenode.

I am curious abotu tracking down why it is that I cannot access from work on a machine behind the Navy Marine Corps
Internet firewall. It could be that they are blocking it, but this
doesn't make sense. So I wanted to verify that the block wasn't on
the side. is also blocked; I don't know if you guys share
filtersets with them...

I would find it particularly interesting if the government is blocking
access to open source information as a matter of course.


I don't know the actual reason why but I noticed the block as well.
It could very well be coming from NMCI. I can see the block
because they want to control ALL software installed on their machines
and probably noticed downloads coming from that site (downloads of
software not on their OK list)

The rails blockage could be the same situation, maybe a lot of Navy
technologist/contractors were downloading ruby and rails to try it
out... if NMCI has not approved of something, they are quick to shut
you down. (not sure what they plan on doing about thumb drives
though... :slight_smile: