Naming convention and search engines

Hi all:

The following is an Search Engine Optimization tip that is fairly
common in most of the SEO checklists that I have read.

Hyphens - Use hyphens ( - ) and not underscores ( _ ) to separate
words in directory and file names. Most search engines parse a hyphen
like a reader would parse a space. Using underscores makes
what_would_you_do look like whatwouldyoudo to most search engines. You
should definitely separate words in your URLs.

Let's say I create a small test app.
# rails test

create a controller, edit the controller, create a template, and run
the server
# script/generate controller WebResources
# do the manual editing stuff here.
# script/server webrick

To access the page: http://localhost:3000/web_resources/index

Works fine. I'm wondering if there is a way to reference the above
URL using hyphens to make the spiders happy?? http://localhost:3000/web-resources/index

Any thoughts??