Issue with hyphen

I have a column name that has a hyphen.. not the table name but column name..
I am calling something like:
@online = Status.find(:first, :conditions => {:status => 'online'} )

first problem I notes using the IRB console
is to be able to get information out of the array I need to specify with element
this works.. but I was hoping to just use @online.status
but *anyways* my problem is with hyphens..
I can't do this:
it just wont work I try with '' "" and `` around it.. as well with #{} hehe just in case..

any suggestion? thanks.

any suggestion? thanks.

Change the column name’s hyphen to underscore.

any suggestion? thanks.

Change the column name's hyphen to underscore.

Or write your own accessors to read/write it

def collection_owner

and similarly add the writer method