Naming controllers in modules?

Hey guys.

I noticed in an example from the active scaffold documentation that it
seems to be possible to put rails controllers in modules, a la "class
Admin::CompaniesController < ApplicationController". Does anyone know
anything about this? What do you name the file? Do you put it in a


thanks, thats very helpful. one more question: what address does this
get mapped to? ../admin/companies doesn't seem to work...?

Funny, I just started using this and wanted to understand exactly that.

I can't test it in my app right now, but I'd venture a guess that it
would map to: admin/company/

Here's a question... I notice you're running the model generator as
well. Does that mean I would not be able to "share" a Company model
between two different controller namespaces, say
Admin::CompanyController and Guest::CompanyController?

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