NameError and routing problem

I have the following (abridged) routes in routes.rb:

  map.namespace :member do |member|
    member.resource :profile, :controller => 'profile' do |profile|
      profile.edit_address 'address/:id/edit', :action =>
'edit_address', :conditions => { :method => :get }

which nicely creates (among others):

  member_profile_edit_address GET /member/profile/address/:id/edit
{:action=>"edit_address", :controller=>"member/profile/"}

Unfortunately, when I use this like so:

  <%= link_to('Edit', member_profile_edit_address(

which generates for example:

<a href="/member/profile/address/32/edit">Edit</a>

what happens upon clicking the link is:

  NameError in Member/profile/Controller#edit_address
  uninitialized constant Member::Profile

I assume that I have messed up the routes somehow, but it looks right
to me. Any help will be appreciated...