mysql "query browser" freezes on Mac OSX - does it do this for you???


Just getting setup on my new Macbook but I’m noting (re getting a SQL browser working) that the MySQL “Query Browser” product itself does not shut itself down properly when you close. I have to Force Quit to kill the process to then be able to start it up again.

Any other Mac users seeing this? Any suggestions? (go to another free SQL browser perhaps if necessary)


ummm, just tried CocoaMySQL instead and had the same problem (had to Force Quit). Any ideas?

I have a MacBook as well and have a lot of success with it in Rails
development. I tried the Query Browser tool for a short time, but
found it was too buggy to work well. I've been using CocoaMysql and
haven't had a problem since. Are you running MySQL on localhost? If
not, there may be a slow connection resulting in some super slow

If you have to give up on CocoaMysql, give Navicat a try. It's $99 but
it's a great front end for MySQL.

Hey Bryce - yes I’m running on localhost. Actually I found after a reboot that CocoaMysql is ok (can quit and restart). Must have been occurring after I had the same problem with the mysql browser in the same Macbook “session” so to speak. Thanks.

I had the same issues with Query Browser, Cocoa MySQL runs well on my
PowerBook. I have also tried YourSQL. It had some issues as well.