MySQL problem: #28000Access denied for user

Hi All,

sorry if i asked a very stupid question.

i am new for ROR and i dont have too much admin skill for MySQL. i have trouble on setting up the database connection, for my ROR. when i just run a simple scaffold controller, i've got this error message:

Mysql::Error in BlogController#index #28000Access denied for user 'erv2'@'localhost' (using password: YES) RAILS_ROOT: ./script/../config/..

here is the setting of my database.yml file:   adapter: mysql   database: mapapp   username: erv2   password: 000000   host: localhost

here is the screen shot of the MySQL Adminstrator, showing that i gave access to "erv2@localhost":

I spent two days working on this problem, searching everywhere for solutions, but none of them solves my problem.

i dont think it's a very hard problem, i may just have missed some tiny little thing. can someone give me some hints? i really want to get going on making my first webapp.

thank you very much.

Most likely the problem is with your password. You expect it to be a string '0000000' when rials connects to a DB, but in reality, since database.yml is processed by YAML, it is a in integer 0. You need to quote strings that can be interpreted as something else in YAML files. In your case, the config should be:   adapter: mysql   database: mapapp   username: erv2   password: "000000"   host: localhost

To show you how it works:

YAML.load 'password: 000000'

=> {"password"=>0}

YAML.load 'password: "000000"'

=> {"password"=>"000000"}

Don't forget to bounce the application after changing the config :wink:


spot on!

this is THE place!

thank you so much!!!