My mongrel keeps shutting down

Taylor Strait wrote:

I'm on a VPS running CentOS. I startup my server with:

mongrel_rails start -d -p 3000 -e production

and it runs for a while. But later I receive '502 Bad Gateway' errors implying my mongrel has crapped out. So in the console I do this:

[prompt]# mongrel_rails start -d -p 3000 -e production

** !!! PID file log/ already exists. Mongrel could be running already. Check your log/mongrel.log for errors. ** !!! Exiting with error. You must stop mongrel and clear the .pid before I'll attempt a start.

[prompt]# mongrel_rails stop

Sending TERM to Mongrel at PID 1298...Process does not exist. Not running. Done.

So I have to manually delete log/ to be able to restart the service. log/mongrel.log shows no errors. How can I:

1) find out why mongrel is failing 1) stop mongrel_rails from failing? 2) make it restart automatically

You might want to try the Mongrel mailing list: