My id's are all float?

I'm using Oracle to back my Rails app, and I noticed somewhere along the
line that if my ID is declared as NUMBER then it wants to show up as
"123.0" whenever I ask for it (i.e. link_to and other things). This
didn't seem to be a problem, so I was ignoring it.

Recently upgraded to Rails 1.2, however, and now that doesn't route
anymore. Is there some place where I can set this on a more
application/global level so that I don't have to go through every single
rhtml page and add stuff like to everything?

In your models you could add the following:

def to_param
   id.to_i rescue id

And you could set things up so that that all your models inherit from this model or you could make this a module and include it, or just paste it into all of your models.

Note this will only work if you link_to using :id => @plan *not* :id =>