Multitenancy and the options to realise it in rails4

Ok the situation is that I have an App, where to user can sign in and can use the app save some data like customers and orders to the db.
Since I’m using devise for authentication, I realised the multitenenacy with current_user in the controller. So every user has his own data.


def index

@customers = current_user.customers



This works fine right now. But yesterday I watched some railscast.

As you can see the first one uses pg schemas and the second one works with scopes. Both have the same effect like my way. But what could be the advantages or disadvantages to these 3 ways? Dont want to build further on my app and realise in the end that I picked the wrong way. Maybe in the end of the app there will be a function user can team up and have shared data… but this is just a nice to have.

Any experince, hints or suggestion on that?

best regards


Best suggestion here I can make is pick up Radar's book:

really a great read, very helpful in this.

Yeah I already found this, but I dont want to digg a complete book about this topic, a kind of summary or a discussion about it would be nice.


basically you want somebody to do your reading work for you and summarize it for you? come on…