[Multiple Databases] Multiple adapters supported?

When using multiple databases with Active Record (https://guides.rubyonrails.org/active_record_multiple_databases.html) are multiple adapters supported in a single application or do all of the databases need to use the same adapter? In the guides all of the examples use the mysql2 adapter for all the databases.

The reason for the question is that I am working on the ActiveRecord SQL Server adapter and within it we monkey-patch ActiveRecord classes (such as activerecord-sqlserver-adapter/calculations.rb at main · rails-sqlserver/activerecord-sqlserver-adapter · GitHub) that would affect other adapter if they were being used within the same Rails application. If multiple adapters are supported in the same application then we will need to accommodate that.


the adapter is configured on a per-database basis, so if you wanted to use a different adapter for one of your databases you would specify so in the config for that particular database in database.yml